See what becomes…

Exit Door

Becomes a painting on a brick wall.

Hallway End

Becomes a balcony overlooking Tuscany

Exit Door

Becomes a cozy fireplace and bookshelf

Closet Doors

Become a locker room for a Boston fan.

Garage Door

Becomes an illusion of nature. Notice the Man Door


Becomes an inviting street in Paris

Inside Garage

Becomes a rural view complete with grandkids


Becomes a favourite vacation spot

Dining Room

Becomes a cozy view of the outdoors!


Becomes a fairy tale!

Utility Door

Becomes a China Cabinet

I offer and teach a variety of custom art services:


Imagine a mural of your favourite sport, vacation spot, ideal vacation, hobby or interest…a mural designed and painted  just for you!

Exit Diversion Murals

A mural that distracts from a door, has proven to be effective in calming Alzheimers patients and reducing congestion nearby.


Painted with chalk pastels, you can have a portrait of a beloved pet to treasure for years to come.


Paint Effects

Over the years, I have painted many different faux effects including marble, tile, wood, stone, brick and plaster.


Paint Parties

At restaurants, clubs, sports facilites, churches or my home studio, I host Paint Parties. I set up, teach step by step and clean up!

your canvas awaits...